Is a holiday proposal in your future? Whether its the family gathered around, the lights, or the idea of beginning the new year engaged, now is a wonderful time to start planning your holiday proposal— especially if you still have some research to do or want to begin the custom design process for your engagement ring.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas to Kwanza to Chanukah to New Year’s Eve, the end of the year means friends and family gathering together for celebrations. Whatever and however you celebrate, a holiday proposal is guaranteed to make it that much sweeter!

If you are ready to begin planning your holiday proposal:

1.     Discover her engagement ring style (and ring size!).

Start to look at the jewelry she already wears. Does she wear minimal jewelry, or does she choose bold, statement pieces? Does she love the simplicity of a diamond, or is her jewelry box full of different colors?

It’s also a great idea to ask trusted friends and family members. It is likely that she has mentioned different styles she prefers— and maybe even some she doesn’t!


2.     Explore different engagement ring options.

While your engagement ring turnaround time might be quick, it’s always better to begin your search early in case you want a custom piece or decide to include existing jewelry in your design.

While you might have an idea of what you like, seeing and feeling different designs might point you in a whole new direction! Stop by our showroom or look around online here.


3.     Brainstorm the specifics.

With at least an idea of your engagement ring in mind, now it’s time to scope out the specifics of your holiday proposal.

Where? Chico, California, has beautiful landmarks ready for a romantic holiday proposal! Consider your favorite park, restaurant, or other location that has meaning for your relationship.

When? Are there events over the holiday season where loved ones will be near? Even if you don’t want to propose in front of others, you might enjoy having them near to celebrate with after!


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If you are ready to plan your perfect proposal, we invite you to click here to explore engagement rings online, or visit our Chico, California, showroom to find your perfect engagement ring for you.