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Come to our store and discover our large selection of unique clocks and timepieces.

unique clocks and timepieces
Gabrielle Ferrar Diamonds is featuring a very rare opportunity. We are able to offer a private collection from Jean Roulet. The collection of extraordinary time pieces are brand new and have never been registered. With the purchase of each timepiece, all of the original documentation as well as the factory display containers well be included. These factories display containers are all built by hand. This company builds display containers for the Rolex company.

Upon request, we are able to offer most timepieces with Per-Order availability. We are able to service most timepieces including Swiss brands

  • Battery replacement
  • Strap replacement
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Accuracy testing
  • Water testing
  • Dial repair and replacement
  • Crystal repair and replacement
  • Bezel repair and replacement
  • Chronograph repair
  • Complication and grand complication repair
  • Pocket watch repair
  • Overhauls (lubricants, gaskets, sealing, regulation, MISC testing, etc.)


European Watch Clock and Jewellery Fair 1986 BF 604
The table clock is ideal for designing original aesthetic shape. This is a Jean Roulet model in solid brass “with a thousand glints of gold”. Quartz movements with alarm and date calendar. (JEAN ROULET “Corazon” & “Livet”)


FEHB 1986 Pendulettes, Branches annexes, Bijouterie
FEHB 1986 BF 605 — 300388

European Watch Clock and Jewellery Fair 1986 BF 605
Dedicated to the “Conquest of Space”, this Jean Roulet clock with a multiplicity of rings features a perpetual calendar showing the date, day, month, moon phases and shows local time all over the world. Luxurious finish in gilded brass. Quartz movement. (JEAN ROULET “Saturne”)